Looking at the View

This really all came about because we found a love of the outside - in all of its forms. The trees, the bees, the bugs, the leaves in autumn, the history, the archaeology, the views and the trails. A little over ten years ago, we Team DHB lost a very important person - it made a very large gap in our lives. What began as a walk in the countryside started a quest, a philosophy to love the outside in Britain.


It was a salve, a reminder that in the dark times, the sun always rise and the birds always sing; the trees stand and the trails always beckon you on. And so Discover Hidden Britain began - not as some online project but a personal goal simply to make life better... what ever that meant.

So we love the sunshine when it glows in your eyes, the trees when they stand like forgotten soldiers, the birdsong like some unwritten symphony. The fact that it's a moment of complete discovery every time you venture outside.


The impact of the past, the legacy, the wildlife, the environment, the architecture, the views.


All freely available if you know where to look. Which is where this website comes in. A source of ideas... But it has become more than that, a social conscience to celebrate all parts of that British outside - food, literature, nature, drink, history, art, archaeology...

We believe in finding a quality of life and that in getting outside, smelling the air after rain, feeling sunshine on your back, the motion of a heavy pack, the satisfaction of physical tiredness, the disbelief of natural beauty and the selfish quality of being under your steam - leaves a special kind of self-belief, of personal living, a happiness. 

So I hope you follow us, use some of our ideas and you're interested in our philosophy, get in touch

We are DHB