Shrewsbury Battlefield Walk

Shrewsbury Battlefield Walk

Use your imagination to see beyond the glorious Shropshire countryside to the battleground that was once here. Examine the Battlefield church.

This is a short ramble around the old battlefield site on the edge of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. A flat route on gravelled and grassy paths.

Start on the viewing mound adjacent to the carpark and take in the fields beyond where the battle took place.

Follow the path which banks left and follows field boundaries until you reach a T-junction where you turn left heading in the direction of the church.

Take a moment to examine the church. The key can be obtained from the 1403 Battlefield Centre further on past the church.

Go back to the path and follow it onwards, over the planked path on the old fishponds.

Continue along the path before going through a kissing gate across a field whereby you can re-join the path back to the carpark.

Disclaimer: As with all outdoor activities, please check relevant maps, weather conditions and outside conditions before setting off to protect yourself and others

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