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WELLBEING | A New Year Resolution - Be mindful and focus on your wellbeing

As this year ends, make yourself a promise that whatever happens next year, that there will be a time for you. I don’t know your story. I have no idea what your life is like – a happy ever after or a tale of twists and turns. But I do know this. That whoever you are – you deserve the physical and mental benefits of personal mindfulness and wellbeing.

Its bandied around now. Mindfulness. Wellbeing. But I can only liken it to something that existed long before those terms and the experts which talk of these things. A simple phrase.

Making time for you.

A few years back, it was a simple aim of taking half an hour to go for a swim, to have your hair done, to read a few pages of your favourite book.

But life has become a little more complicated since then.

Life has so many more distractions. There are more unseen, invisible contractions on a person’s character.

People. Media. Culture. Social expectations. Family. Health. Information. So much information.

That it means however glorious those thirty minutes are to swim, to read, to get your hair done, to go for a run – that there must be something more. A chance to free the mind, a release where there is a clarity. Or indeed a period for you, your person to re-order, to re-structure…

Mindfulness encourages an active awareness of decision-making, of your feelings and emotions, and of making your self the most important part of that decision-making. That without a true understanding, an authentic analysis of you – you could harm yourself. That no matter how much good spirit you put out there in the world, you do yourself a dis-service if you do not think how your life, your lifestyle affects you.

Do you surround yourself with toxic people? Do you end up the brunt of comments and conversations? Are your feelings always the last to be considered, if at all? Do you wake and sleep drained? Do you worry about others before yourself?

Well this is when a new year or a new start plays in your favour. For it is easier to make a change when there is a clear-cut difference. A time difference like a new year. It will be 2020.

I will not begin to offer specifics. I will not begin to give you answers. But I will hope that you use this new year to re-focus.

Self-care is the phrase of the year. Taking a time for yourself that is worthy and offers a benefit to wellbeing. Take time to relax, to re-charge but take the time to reflect and re-assess…

So why am I asking you via this platform to reflect, to revisit and revise your approach this new year? Well because the single best way of making time for yourself, of having the freedom, the physical environment to do this is outside. In the air, in the world, amongst the trees, the buildings, the history, the cliffs or the beaches, the paths and trails, the unknown and the hidden. The outside. The difference. This environment gives you the best, most authentic opportunity to clean and clear, the thinking and the freeing, the living and the life. There is nothing more freeing than the world outside your front door. It gives you a physical change from what is typically around you. It spikes your brain to think differently. And it gives you perspective, the space to think with clarity and coherence.

And that is Discover Hidden Britain. A philosophy of self-care, of self-love, of exploration and discovery, of reflection, nature, fresh air and outside activity.

So whether you fancy a walk or a trail, a slice of history, an exploration, do you feel for art, architecture and culture – there is something on this website for all. Come in, take a pew and mooch…

Make your choice. Its only yours. You have the freedom to choose. You have a responsibility for other things, other people but your first responsibility should be to yourself.

So do yourself a favour this new year – take a step outside, and let the time and space aid your mindfulness and enhance your personal wellbeing. You never know what you might discover about yourself. Are you all that you could be?