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VISIT | A Window To The Origins of The Sealed Knot at Ripple | Worcestershire

Peter Young Memorial Stained Glass Window
Peter Young Memorial Stained Glass Window

The Re-Enactors of England's Civil War

Discover the origins of the English Civil War Re-Enactors - the Sealed Knot

See the window dedicated to their founder - Brigadier Peter Young and the remarkable military man that he was

Piece together the evidence of the Sealed Knot and its relationship with this church at Ripple in Worcestershire

Sealed Knot Clues
Sealed Knot Clues

"...the roots of a remarkable organisation and its relationship with a remarkable man..."

Description |

It is always surprising when you come across something you never expected in a place that you never expected to find it. Step forward the tiny Gloucestershire village of Ripple. That is not to say that Ripple doesn’t already have some extra-ordinary findings – the Miserichords found inside the church are beautiful woodcraft that speak of religion, faith and local life. For more on these, head over to our experience.

But this is something else. Unless you arrive at Ripple on a certain day of the year, at a certain day – you would just never know.

We talk of the Sealed Knot.

Ripple was the location of an English Civil War Battle from the 17th century known as the Battle of Ripple Field fought on 13th April 1643 between Royalist forces for the King and the Parliamentarian forces for the people. It really is no surprise then to talk of the Sealed Knot.

The Sealed Knot is the oldest re-enactment group in Britain. It began life amongst a group of friends including Brigadier Peter Young and began its aim not to politicise war but to remember the events of the Civil War and educate about the impact of war. Ripple Church is their spiritual home – where they gather annually to remember Peter Young and those who were part of their number.

Inside Ripple Church are the signs of our Cavaliers and Roundheads. Photographs. But in a corner of the church lies the window to one of their number. Brigadier Peter Young is remembered by a stained-glass window dedicated in his memory with a plaque outlining the remarkable man that he was.

Dunkirk. Sicily. Burma. Italy. Normandy. These are some of the many places Peter Young saw service during the Second World War. He first saw Dunkirk before joining the Commandos and developing a sustained relationship with No 3 Commando. He would eventually lead them on D-Day and the Normandy landings. There would be much, much more to say about this man but consider the type of man it takes to lead men like Commandos.

Peter Young would become a military historian at Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst; the English Civil War would become his specialism and then of course, the Sealed Knot. But best not forget the man who led these re-enactors had led the best of them; Brigadier Peter Young DSO, MC and two bars. He died in 1988 having inspired many but always a leader of military men.

Directions and Map |

Find the church in the little riverside village of Ripple

Longitude: -2.182357

Latitude: 52.038027

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