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WELLBEING | Being Mindful

Ellen Langer, the distinguished academic and researcher who developed the concept of mindfulness, defines mindfulness as the simple process of actively noticing new things. As you notice more, you become more aware that you didn’t know the object of your attention as well as you first thought, which naturally increases your attention to the object. You become more situated in the present, more aware of the importance of context and perspective.

How can we become more mindful in our lives, and create more success and vitality in the process?

One way is to ‘discover, experience, create and notice new things’:

· We can take a wander through a woodland and notice the effect of sunlight on the leaves

· We can sit on a bench above a river and reflect on its impact on the people who live there

· We can hike along a long trail walk and notice its physical effects – physical, mental and emotional

· We can visit a familiar location and notice new or different aspects - visit the local church and churchyard

Being mindful is not the complicated and burdensome affair that it is often made out to be. All that is required is to seek out, create and notice new things.

The key is to actively discover, experience and bring into focus new things about the world around you. When you commit to increasing what you now about what you notice in your daily life, you can become more creative in developing new solutions to problems and creating new opportunities.

Britain is full of opportunities to seek out and discover and experience new and hidden things in order to be more mindful, enjoyable and enriched.