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VISIT | Breathe in Beauty at Yat Rock | Gloucestershire

Yat Rock's Outlook in all of its Splendour
Yat Rock's Outlook in all of its Splendour

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A stunning vista that is quite simply worth your time

A perfect piece of perfection in landscape

And if you must - bring a camera, bring a phone if only to record some part of this place to take it with you

The Meander in the River Wye
The Meander in the River Wye

"...this inspirational outlook over the Wye Valley and the river..."

Description |

Some people refer to it just as ‘that view’.

By rights it should have been called something poetic and lyrical. A myriad of words that describe the absolute beauty and majesty of the views which rise up and fan out in front of you. But instead those who know, those who realise the wonder behind the words ‘Yat Rock’, know that it is, in its own humour, wonderfully understated.

The Rock is located just above Symonds Yat, which is the village which sits alongside the haunting River Wye, in the crook of an elbow between Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth. The village is wedged in nooks up and down the river valley side and at sunset and Christmas their lights illuminate this place.

Yat Rock is at its heart a high point. A natural wedge of sandstone that sticks out above the river valley. A promontory which allows us to witness a delicious slice of landscape and natural beauty. On nearly every side there is a framed shot begging to be photographed. But its beauty is in the simplicity of standing and just taking in this nature’s gift.

From left to right the panorama gifts you the sight of the rocks which now inspire with the peregrine falcons who nest here every year and where birders sit, sit and watch in awe of nature. But the rock climbers also hunt this way searching out the climb and glory. The mighty River Wye meander in perfect solitude with only a few cows or a random rambler for company. The trees which smoulder on the tops of the valleys. The horizon which opens up to the green and gold countryside of beyond into Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. The village which tickles up and down the sides. The forest lines. The sky. So grand and so high. It is a gift.

This grand vista is not so new. It is not some created tourism from a prior age. This place is as old as the world which gave this to us. The people of the old times recognised its mystique and its import. For there once were Iron Age peoples living on its high points and low – a hill fort now long departed. And that is one other of its delights – timeless, changing but with the seasons. In summer, the long days grant us golden sunsets and in autumn with its changing shades a softness and vulnerability.

Walk. Ride. Travel. To this great wonder. For it is. Come at quiet times. Come just for the quiet. Come just to exist. For these are the places which remind us of the beauty of these lands.

Directions and Map |

Find Yat Rock on the edge of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire near Coleford signed on a road towards Hillersland and Yat Rock

Longitude: -2.634701

Latitude: 51.840884

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