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VISIT | Breathe in the view of three counties on the iconic May Hill | Gloucestershire

The Severn valley opening out in front
The Severn valley opening out in front

A splendid uphill walk rewarded by views across three counties

An iconic landmark in Gloucestershire - a group of trees visible for miles around

A steady climb to the top reveals views across at least three counties

A wonderful walk with links to May Day and its eponymous Morris Dancers

Amidst the Trees on the very top
Amidst the Trees on the very top

"...this Gloucestershire landmark with its astonishing outlook..."

Description |

May Hill is one of the most recognisable features that appears over this landscape of Gloucestershire / Herefordshire / Worcestershire and beyond. Its recognisable profile with its distinctive trees that top its peak like candles on a cake.


On May Day, Morris dancers and more ascend its sides to celebrate. Legend would say that it once had 100 trees but now wind and wear have trimmed its number. One thing is sure that as you ascend its hillsides, you are rewarded with stunning views circling around.

There are some wind-blown and weather-eroded plaques for jubilee celebrations and a couple of benches to take in the view. On other days, you can find ponies up on the heathland. But the beauty is in the outlook and the journey that this voyage takes you on.

Directions and Map |

Access to May Hill is either from one of the very narrow access roads up or the better option is to park lower down and follow the waymarkers up on the hill itself. You can also follow many of the trails which lead up and over May Hill

Longitude: -2.443645

Latitude: 51.888297

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