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VISIT | Calling Out From Clee Hill Viewpoint | Shropshire

And the view goes on and on and on...
And the view goes on and on and on...

Clee Hill's Secret Viewpoint

An iconic Shropshire hill range that sets your pulse racing

A panoramic viewpoint across the Shires

A starting point for further climbs and rambles on this Clee Hill amble

With just a sheep for company
With just a sheep for company

"...this amazing outlook over the Shropshire countryside..."

Description |

The Clee Hills dominate the skyline of the Shropshire and Herefordshire border country. They are a group of three hills, over 530 metres high, situated in south Shropshire between Bewdley and Ludlow. An accessible viewpoint is located in the village of Clee Hill on the edge of the slightly smaller of the three hills, called Titterstone Clee Hill. The viewpoint looks out south over the Teme Valley and onward into Herefordshire and Worcestershire and beyond - including the Malvern Hills and the distant Black Mountains in Wales.

The viewpoint at Clee Hill is claimed to be the finest view in England in the right weather conditions. But the seasons have a big impact on this place; if you arrive in autumn be prepared for the hill to be shrouded in mist, it you arrive in winter be prepared for snowfall. For the more adventurous you can venture along the byroads to the more inaccessible but more spectacular peaks of the Stiperstones and Brown Clee Hill.

Stop a while at the public car park in the village and gaze in wonder at the unique and spectacular views. Follow the sign through the gate and there is a topograph a short stroll away which indicates all the major features in the panoramic landscape in front of you. Take in the wild heathland landscape of heather and gorse, purple and yellow flowered in summer, whose dark evergreen patches dominate the foreground whilst in the background, the blue distant horizon.

Otherwise, simply get out and stretch your legs amongst the grazing sheep and let your imagination run riot. Stand amongst the low billowing greying clouds scudding past and be inspired.

Can you imagine the view illuminated by burning beacons, as evoked by the lines of poetry of The Shropshire Lad by A.E. Houseman?

From Clee to heaven the beacon burns,
The shires have seen it plain

Imagine how you would feel if you were Bilbo Baggins, of The Hobbit fame, looking back from the Hills of Evendlm towards his beloved Shire?

Can you see the distinctive tree topped May Hill in the hazy far distance? What other blue horizons does it remind you of?

Clee Hill viewpoint is small but beautifully formed. It provides a unique panoramic view of a distinctly British landscape.

Directions and Map |

Find Clee Hill views across the high outcrop of Clee Hill, east of Ludlow

Longitude: -2.596489

Latitude: 52.374599

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