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WALK | Climb the Mighty Skirrid | Monmouthshire

The Skirrid
The Skirrid

Take heart and rise up the side of this Welsh high peak

A renowned hill peak for this area of Monmouthshire at 468 metres

Take flight and climb up this delightful Monmouthshire high point near Abergavenny

Get your breath as you take in the views from the top

The Easy Access From the Car Park
The Easy Access From the Car Park

"...this characterful climb up on this Welsh high point..."

Description |

The Skirrid or Skirrid Fawr to give its full name is an unusual but essential high point in this area. Its location, just outside Abergavenny, means it is popular with dog-walkers and locals happy to toddle off. 

The ticketed car park is provided for locals and tourist alike but be sure to get here promptly on bank holidays and sunny days. 

Its unusual shape alludes to the fact that the Skirrid is actually the last promontory of the Black Mountains which looms large ahead on you as you look westwards. Indeed for some of you, larger peaks may catch your eye but don't be deceived by the Skirrid. Its a good hike for those interested, first through the hillside that surrounds it, then the woodland at its feet before you climb up and out on rockier ground.

There was once a church on this high point but some evidence still remains. Great history combines natural wonder on this stony point, keep your eyes wide and up but watch your step. And on days where keener weather comes in, watch for slippier rocks and strong winds above, even when below seems like the calm.

Directions and Map |

Find the Skirrid car park on the road B4521 leading away from Abergavenny on the Old Ross Road

Longitude: -2.971893

Latitude: 51.842796

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