ACTIVITIES | DHB in Lockdown - Think Like A Local

It seems from this corner of the world, this tiny corner of England that life has changed into a routine that seems entirely paradoxical. We are advised to stay home, to social distance, to be alert and to be careful. We wash our hands. We stay distant. We settle into a weird routine of abstract distance and silent acceptance. We take exercise as we can when confidence, opportunity and weather allows. We endure.

And it seems that no matter what corner of Britain we all inhabit that these same things bind us all. That although are freedoms are being returned to us piecemeal and to different timescales that our daily lives continue in an apparent odd certainty.

I have done my fair share of watching. Watching the news, the questioning, the neighbours and their (to be quite frank 'questionable') behaviour as to whether certain actions constitute behaviour that matches the letter of the law and the letter of social responsibility. But I can suspect we have all probably been there...

But the one thing that I have been absolutely convinced about since the very beginning of this insidious lockdown has been the rise and rise of locality. And whether you live in the crowded cities of these islands or the isolated pockets of the countryside - local has won out.

Need that lockdown treat of a bag of self-raising flour? Short on meat? Haven't got your medication? Someone needs checking on? Anyone for a pint? Can't get hold of groceries? Need a hot meal?

All of the answers to these questions have been answered during this lockdown period by the local community, and in more particularity by your local businesses.