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DIARY | decompression

decompression with little fluffy clouds and blue skies

If you could imagine small fluffy passing clouds and a light breeze full of the smells of freshly cut grass.

If you could imagine the occasional hoverfly pausing in mid-air.

If you could imagine a buzzard calling from on high.

And the most brilliantest blue skies that simply have no right to make an appearance in September...

That is now.

It is an outside space that no particular beginning and no particular end.

Spending time outside with the grass between my toes, being under changing skies, heading to directions unknown through gates undiscovered. It is a peace unknown. But a peace nonetheless.

I won't reveal the location except to say it is in the shadow of Mountains where bees buzz, lands of clover and a little river which runs slow.

And here's the thing - the most important thing - I need this.

And whatever you call it - pushback, decompression, relaxation, mindfulness, peace and quiet, breaks, naps or just time out - everyone needs it.


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