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VISIT | Discover Free Thinking and Freedom in the Individuals of Sutton Courtenay | Oxfordshire

Sutton Courtenay Church
Sutton Courtenay Church

Four Individuals and Four Individual Endings

Uncover four individuals whose lasting histories reside at All Saints church in Sutton Courtenary in Oxfordshire

Reveal intriguing clues as to the individuals whose lives were similar and different; ponder on who they were there and how their lives came to end here

Take in the wider picture of the historic Thames-side village of Sutton Courtenay

The Headstone of Franta Belsky
The Headstone of Franta Belsky

"...fascinating men and fascinating histories..."

Description |

The village of Sutton Courtenay is one of those appealing Thames side places in south Oxfordshire where for centuries the great and good took solace in period houses and grand visages. It perhaps explains the curiosity of why in this popular village, there are not one, but four interesting names buried in the churchyard of All Saints.

David Astor

Herbert Asquith

George Orwell

Franta Belsky

It makes for quite a collection. The most intriguing collection of individuals that you might meet. Would these people make your dinner party invitation list?

Herbert Asquith was the Prime Minister of Britain when the First World War broke out in August 1914 and lost his eldest son during the war. For more on him, head over to our Mells Horse.

George Orwell was the eponymous author who wrote the literary intrigue 1984 and whose presence at Sutton Courtenay has more to do with our last figure than out of personal desire.

David Astor was a figure of print journalism and the Observer Newspaper and a family borne straight from the legacy of American Manhattan property.

Franta Belsky was a Czech sculptor who in the scope of his full life fled first the Nazis and then the Communists in Czechoslovakia; he served in the exiled Czech army fighting for freedom and then studied in fine art and sculpture going on to work on sculptures for many a well-known British face and place his interpretations across the world.

Maybe that’s what makes this particular site so interesting – where else in this country excluding the metropolis would you find these people grouped together?

Directions and Map |

Find the the village church of All Saints in Sutton Courtenay in the middle of this Thames-side village in Oxfordshire

Longitude: -1.272314

Latitude: 51.644483

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