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WELLBEING | Discover Hidden Britain In Transition - Feelings!

Name a feeling. And in the past few months I think we have all felt it.

Jumping from fear to care, to worry and impatience, from hostility to downright sadness. We have all been through the emotional ringer.

And whilst we have danced to the tune of a song for the most part written by politicians and scientists, in most discussions and governance, in by-laws and infrastructure – very little has been devoted to how we all must be feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been mutterings about mental health, about taking care of each other but very little thought or discussion about the emotional impact of this on us all.

And whilst Discover Hidden Britain has always been at its very heart about exploration and curiosity, it has also set within in, a desire to use ‘outsideness’ and the benefits of the outside world to enhance and improve our emotional intelligence, to become more resilient, to allow nature to be the salve to our wounds and burns. There will be more on the website coming soon…

Meanwhile the world continues to turn on its axis and life takes us to a new kind of normal. Beset by emotional fragility and new challenges – are we all just expected to cope?

This morning, like so many others, the events of the country and of the world weigh us down with doubt and worry. Parents speak of fearing for their kids’ futures. Young people toll with the idea of trying to make a place for themselves in this new world order. The old worry about their relevance.

But I hang on to this notion.

That the future is always brighter. There will be always be better tomorrow because of the choices, the decisions and the emotional responsibility that we stand for today. That there might be darkness, but there always be light from somewhere.

And light gives us inspiration, it gives us hope and its gives us a degree of certainty that all is not lost, that to grow up in a world like this one will not lead to one in darkness.

The world. The outside. Its people and places. Its history. Its consideration. Emotional awareness. Discussion. We are human. And in this era, human means that we make errors. But the best of humanity is also that ability to go again, to forget nothing but learn, and to see emotions and feelings not as a fragility but as a strength to see in others and ourselves. That we can scream and cry, we can argue and breakdown, we can be vulnerable. And that it is ok. And ok to be spoken about.

We are not lesser for it, we do not hide behind our logic and need for temperate behaviour – that we are strong.

So use words, use art, use dance or cooking. Show fear. Show love. Ask questions. Listen. Feelings are the signs that mean you’re still human. And you still care.