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VISIT | Discover the Crossroads of Canals at Saul Junction | Gloucestershire

Saul Junction
Saul Junction

Where the Stroudwater Canal meets the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal

Uncover the interesting and diverting Saul Junction - a crossroads between the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal and the Stroudwater Canal

Canal boats, rowing boats, cruisers, boarders and shippings - all these can be found at Saul Junction either passing through or stopping

Take a walk, take a bike, take an interest or just take your choice...

Canalside at Saul Junction
Canalside at Saul Junction

"...the rich tapestry of canal life from the birds to the boats, the canal folk to the mechanism..."

Description |

There is so much life at Saul Junction. And for those who might assume we’re talking about roads you would be wrong – for this is all about canals.

Saul Junction Marina is where the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal meets the Stroudwater Canal; where two parts of Gloucestershire meet. Meeting points have always been places of commerce, of greeting and interchange. This is a crossroads of canals.

If you drop into Saul Junction, there is a everything you would expect to find – canal boats of all shapes and sizes, aspects of Canal life but the nuts and bolts of canal engineering and maintenance. There’s a rowing club, traffic as boats move up and down, industry and business.

There are options to walk up on the canal towpath clearly signed or in some parts bike up and visit other parts of the canal in this part of Gloucestershire. But the brilliance here at Saul is the life and living of the canal waterways; ably marshalled by Canal River Trust watermen. If you want to know about the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, check out our experience on the whole canal.

As with all open waterways, if you take little ones, watch the water’s edges but there is also plenty of water life here and there is nothing like the sight of a procession of ducklings swimming behind their mother en route for life elsewhere on the canal. Because that is what Saul Junction is – life on the canal.

Directions and Map |

Find Saul Junction out on the Arlingham peninsula off the A38 south of Gloucester or north of Bristol

Longitude: -2.353987

Latitude: 51.779866

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