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VISIT | Discover the forest of the Brecks at Thetford Forest in Norfolk | Norfolk

The Trees of Thetford Forest
The Trees of Thetford Forest

Amble the wonderful delights of Thetford Forest with all the magic of a forest

A glorious forest in this part of Norfolk

Full of life and excitement

Follow a trail, hunt some bugs, spot some birds or deer and just be

Being outside in nature brings benefits of its own
Being outside in nature brings benefits of its own

"...the wildness of this rare woodland..."

Description |

Thetford Forest sits on the border between south Norfolk and north Suffolk. It's one of those (unfortunately) rare but rather wondrous spaces of trees, green and outside. A space that smells in equal measure of flowers, leaves and mud. A glorious space with adventure at every turn, where children become explorers and botanists, geologists and biologists; and where adults become a puddle of relaxation in a devil-may-care attitude.

These are the playgrounds of modern times, my friend. A place to savour. A place to disappear in and re-appear hours later with mud on your shoes, twigs in your hair and a humming tune on your lips. Welcome to forests!

Directions and Map |

Find Thetford Forest around Brandon west of Thetford to find forest activities and opportunities in the woodlands

Longitude: 0.675232

Latitude: 52.437638

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