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VISIT | Discover the once vast ancient Woodlands of Dymock | Gloucestershire

Amidst the trees of Queen's Wood
Amidst the trees of Queen's Wood

Amble in a quiet woodland with plenty of birdlife and wildlife in rural Gloucestershire

A remnant of an old ancient extensive woodland of Dymock Wood with native English daffodils in Spring

A quiet place to walk and reflect in rural Gloucestershire

Take your binoculars and your bug-hunting kits, you never what you might find

To the countryside beyond of Gloucestershire
To the countryside beyond of Gloucestershire

"...the woodland delights of native English trees, flowers and pathways..."

Description |

Dymock Wood was once a much larger woodland which dominated this part of the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border. Now it nestles between the motorway and the villages which still enjoy the delights of it. 

From the car park near Kempley Green, there are opportunities to follow different trail walks around the surrounding woodland. Allowing all to take in the wildlife and environment which in other parts of the country would now be gone. The native daffodils grow here in spring and in autumn, blackberries and brambles abound.

It is a delightful wood with lots to offer and a welcome escape to the world beyond.

Directions and Map |

Find the Queen's Wood part of Dymock Wood near Kempley in west Gloucestershire

Longitude: -2.467457

Latitude: 51.95416

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