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Great Rissington's Great War Roll of Honour
Great Rissington's Great War Roll of Honour

Tip your hat to the Souls of Great Rissington

Take a moment to discover the cost of war

Find out the impact of the First World War at this peaceful Cotswold village in Gloucestershire of Great Rissington

Five brothers gone to war, five brothers lost at war - a memorial to a family at war

The Souls Brothers
The Souls Brothers

"...this local story of brothers who went to a war and a family who paid the ultimate sacrifice..."

Description |

This place of Great Rissington is a lesson in the cost of war. In this case - the Great War. The First World War which lasted 1914-1918, over one hundred years ago... So long ago, some ask, so why is this relevant?

It is relevant to all. A lesson in the impact of big things that ripple on a local level. A lesson that war may happen for sometimes the noblest of reasons but ends every time, with a loss, losses. 

Great Rissington, the agricultural village as was at this time, sent its young men folk off to do their duty, an unimaginable responsibility for most young people these days, but then an inescapable feeling, a moral obligation. For King, for country, for friends and family. For Mrs Souls - the mother of these five brothers, it would cost her family in blood and tears. Imagine if you will five sons go to war, and none come back. For that is the history of this place.

So do yourself a favour, teach yourself and those you love, give them a reminder of duty and its cost... these days, these lessons are important for all.

Alf and Arthur - twins - they died five days apart on the Western Front in 1918

Albert, the youngest - the first to die in 1916

Walter, who died of wounds in 1916

And Fred - who just never came home, listed as missing, never to return

They asked us to remember...

Directions and Map |

Find the church in the little village of Great Rissington

Longitude: -1.717266

Latitude: 51.852396

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