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The Stained Glass Window to An Extra Ordinary Man
The Stained Glass Window to An Extra Ordinary Man

A stained glass in remembrance of a unique and interesting man - Charles Henry George Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk and 13th Earl of Berkshire

An astonishing historical stained-glass window in a small estate church to a man of legend

A tribute to the bravery and character of a man during World War Two

A quiet place to reflect on life

When Glass Meets Real Life
When Glass Meets Real Life

"...the legacy of a remarkable man with a remarkable story..."

Description |

This stained glass window at St John the Baptist church on the edge of Charlton Park near Malmesbury, Wiltshire offers a mere glimpse into the life of a man born as an earl but who lived a very real, vivid life. He was Charles Henry George Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk and 13th Earl of Berkshire; but sometimes referred to as Wild Jack Howard.

The memorial speaks of his life, his different journeys and his final ending when he lost his life defusing a 500lb bomb in 1941 as part of his role in the Second World War.

Upon the window are words written about the man by the then Poet Laureate John Masefield as well as words from his wife.

He loved the bright ship with the lifting wing
He felt the anguish in the hunted thing
He dared the dangers which beset the guides
Who lead men to the knowledge nature hides
Probing and playing with the lightning thus
He and his faithful friends met death for us
The beauty of a splendid man abides

His grave sits nearby in the churchyard.

The stained glass window reads:


To the glory of God
In memory of Charles Henry George Howard
20th Earl of Suffolk & 13th Earl of Berkshire G.C. BSc.
Who with unselfish devotion faced and met his death
In the course of his duties as a Scientific Research Officer Bomb Disposal Unit
May 12th 1941

Also holding in remembrance those who went with him

This window is placed here by his wife


Directions and Map |

Find Charlton Church on the edge of the Charlton Park estate near Malmesbury in Wiltshire

Longitude: -2.060472

Latitude: 51.59952

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