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VISIT | Enjoy Native Wild Daffodils in Spring at Vell Mill Meadow | Gloucestershire

A Native Wild Daffodil Meadow
A Native Wild Daffodil Meadow

Gaze at a rare meadow of native golden jonquils in March/April at Vell Mill Meadow

Visit one of the country's finest rare native daffodil meadows

Be inspired by these small flowers fighting for their place dominated by their tall cousins

Get out in the glorious golden triangle of daffodils in rural west Gloucestershire

A Hedgerow with native daffodils at its feet
A Hedgerow or something more?

"...this special place dedicated just to English native daffodils..."

Description |

Vell Mill Meadow in west Gloucestershire is a quiet victory of native species against other more conventional flowers. It is a story of yellow golden daffodils. That which once inspired Wordsworth now carries on in this tiny corner of England.

Bounded on one side by the river Leadon and others by farmland, this piece of farmland is now a reserve for these miraculous little flowers. It is a forgotten corner where these golden soldiers appear every Spring in March and April in their place in marvelous numbers.

This place is allowed its glorious peace by the management of this meadow by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust - encouraging wildlife diversity. Bees buzz and dance. Dragonflies flit across the grassland heading for pond heaven and beyond to the river. Other wild flowers are allowed to take their small place in the ensemble piece. And then when finally the flowers dim and are gone once more, cattle graze this field as naturally as the daffodils that inhabit this magical place.

So if you happen to pass this secret meadow in late Spring, come and gaze, ponder and waltz amongst the tiny but valiant defenders of Daffodil-ness. 

Directions and Map |

Head for Dymock in Gloucestershireon the B4215 and take a turning onto Crowfield Lane before take a left turning following the lane to the meadow. Check the map as these lanes can become confusing and muddy in wet weather.

Longitude: -2.422293

Latitude: 51.980516

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