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VISIT | Enjoy the Severn Riverside at Newnham | Gloucestershire

Riverside at the Severn in Newham in Gloucestershire
Riverside at the Severn in Newham in Gloucestershire

Take a riverside amble down by the Severn at dusk

Take in the River Severn down at the historic village of Newnham on Severn

Amble through the picturesque main street with its clocktower, its period houses and old shop frontages

Watch as the sun dips whilst the water ebbs and flows on this most intriguing section of the Severnside

Overlooking the River Severn
Overlooking the River Severn

"...the perfect peace of this riverside sojourn..."

Description |

Newnham like many of these Severnside villages owes much of its former prosperity to the trade that rivers like the Severn and many others brought to their doors. A gentle perambulation up and down this attractive Gloucestershire village shows you signs of its former glory and now only glimpses survive.

The old hotel. The grand church with its astounding churchyard which drifts out towards the river. The road which winds in or out. The clocktower. The tree-lined high street with its pubs, former vittles and supplies shops, the fine establishments which catered for the merchants, the bankers, the traders which are now long gone.

But in the echo of that place a gentler village has come up in its place. Quieter and seeking a new definition of its place in the world.

The riverside at Newnham is a little piece of that quiet. The locals come here of an evening when the days are longer and the tide falls before it crescendos once again. For those who want to witness the Severn Bore tidal change, this is one of those places to see the water surge.

Directions and Map |

Find the the riverside outlook at the village of Newnham upon Severn in Gloucestershire. There is adjacent parking and you can meander into the village itself and up to the church and village facilities

Longitude: -2.445757

Latitude: 51.806091