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VISIT | Examine the ancient life of Britain at the Windmill Tump Long Barrow | Gloucestershire

An Ancient Long Barrow in the Cotswolds Gloucestershire
An Ancient Long Barrow in the Cotswolds Gloucestershire

Explore the Neolithic remains here in the midst of glorious Cotswold landscape

Take a trip to the ancient land of Britain here in the rural Cotswolds

A beautiful place where history and farmland collides

Take a moment and study the archaelogy - think of the people that stood here, where you stand, thousands of years ago

The Entrance to the Long Barrow
The Entrance to the Long Barrow

"...the freedom of this Cotswold ancient hidden archaeological site..."

Description |

Windmill Tump Long Barrow is a remnant of ancient Britain where ceremony and sacrifice were important. Follow the path as it skirts around the gate and enters a natural corridor between crops and hedgerow.


In summer butterflies and insects abound as they dart and dance from wild poppy to rose; followed predictably by chirruping but curious small birds. It is one of the delights of this discovery. The wandering path towards an unknown destination.

The Long Barrow appears before you from out of the wilderness surrounded by a gated enclosure. Curiosity or interest will see you circle this interesting archaeology. Pondering north and south perhaps, its alignment  or perhaps who they were - these people from long ago. 

Before you leave, take a moment to lean upon the fence - more natural Cotswold landscape abounds.

Directions and Map |

Head north east of Tetbury on the A433 towards Cirencester but take a turning for Rodmarton following Oathill Lane out of the village

Longitude: -2.098949

Latitude: 51.674378

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