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VISIT | Find your hidden Roman at Cirencester Amphitheatre | Gloucestershire

The Giant Amphitheatre of Cirencester
The Giant Amphitheatre of Cirencester

Explore the amazing Roman remains of the gigantic amphitheatre at Cirencester

Discover the remains of historic Roman Cirencester here at the amphitheatre in Gloucestershire

Easy to visit for those visiting the Cotswold town of Cirencester

Spend an hour or two wandering around the edge of this ancient Roman archaeology - a theatre to Roman entertainment

One of the information panels
One of the information panels

"...that the Romans left Cirencester with a wealth of Roman archaeology - this one is a gem..."

Description |

Cirencester Amphitheatre is a remarkable legacy of Roman history in this town, once a very Roman town.

As you meander down to its arena, its size and structure seem to bring back echoes of gladiators and hordes of people witnessing the very best, most exciting and disturbing history of the Roman period. Its massive form and central arena mean for those who can - mock fights and battles ensue.

The grassy corridors which surround the amphitheatre allow plenty of opportunities for picnics or a chance to just sit and stare at a wonder, a legacy of the Romans in British history.

Directions and Map |

Find the Roman amphitheatre on the south side of Cirencester town

Longitude: -1.971539

Latitude: 51.711105

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