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VISIT | Finding the Value of Family History at Eardisland Church | Herefordshire

Eardisland Church in north-west Herefordshire
Eardisland Church in north-west Herefordshire

The Church of St Mary's at Eardisland - with family connections

Take a moment to consider this quiet Herefordshire church

Investigate the legacy of the Clowes family to Eardisland village

Wander down by the footpaths that criss-cross from the church - a remembrance of Eardisland's history

Sheep and the lambs for neighbours
Sheep and the lambs for neighbours

"...the quiet valued history treasured in this Herefordshire village..."

Description |

Eardisland Church sits in one of those pretty Herefordshire village. The River Arrow flows under demure open skies and in slow acquiescence. The village shop is sited in one of those elder statesmen buildings serving the locals. The black and white cottages - a mirror of other places across this corner of northern Herefordshire.

But Eardisland Church is moreover a story of a relationship between this village of Eardisland and the grand house and estate.

Burton Court is still the big house of Eardisland, sitting as it does just outside the village but one hopes still connected to it. This church was the link between the big house and the village. It would have been the place where the servants in the upstairs/downstairs relationship would have lived. The estate workers, the farm labourers, the gardeners would have walked across the fields to work.

Follow a delightful path glimpsing floral back gardens and the life of this Herefordshire village from the main street to the Church of St Mary showing its integral part of the community. Here and there are way markers for their Eardisland Memorial Walks where you can follow a carefully crafted path towards the former lives of their war dead.

There are enticing photograph to be taken – the shiny-shiny cockerel weathervane, the greenest of grassy spaces, the lamp lighting the way to the footpath which leads out towards farmland and more open space.

But as pretty as this church is – the most curious aspects lie inside this church which was happily open to all when visited.

The emerald-green colours of the King’s Royal Irish Hussars. An insignia of a regiment, a connection to the family and of course their connection to Eardisland. This was the Clowes family of Burton Court. Warren Peter Clowes and his father Peter. But in this case, as happened too frequently to count, the son pre-deceased the father. The cause – the cause of bravery and patriotism, of duty and service – the Great War of 1914-1918.

In the corner of the church is a memorial to the young man. ‘Remember Warren Peter Clowes’ it calls to you. The bronze outline of a figure loved and lost and a story of familial pride for them to cling to. Imagine the remembrance service which would have taken place within these four walls. The link is preserved in the churchyard where the graves to the Clowes family can be found.

It is what makes Eardisland church and in a greater round the village itself intriguing – a palpable focus on the preservation of history important to this village. It makes this Herefordshire village just that little bit more fascinating.

Directions and Map |

Find the village of Eardisland in north-west Herefordshire

Longitude: -2.850105

Latitude: 52.221675

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