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VISIT | Finding The Wood Craft at the Old Bell Tower at Pembridge | Herefordshire

Pembridge Bell Tower
Pembridge Bell Tower

One of the Oldest Timber Bell Towers in the Country

Discover one of the earliest timber bell towers in Britain in this village of black and white half-timbered buildings

Explore the evocative and intriguing workwork in this ecclesiastical building

Take in the significance of this building and its relevance to the local community from ages past

The 'Black and White' village of Pembridge and the countryside beyond
The 'Black and White' village of Pembridge and the countryside beyond...

"...the old and evocative intrigue of this early historic and important bell tower..."

Description |

In a village of half-timbered delight in northern Herefordshire, there is a church like so many others across this country. Pretty with rural views centred in this old village. But there is something here that you would scarce find anywhere else in Britain.

A timber bell tower or belfry. A separate timber bell tower. It is one of the earliest timber bell towers in the country. Dated by dendrochronology in a survey to the 13th century. It is an unusual structure – but evocative.

It has had refurbishment across the ages with local parishioners fundraising for repair. In 1898 three of the five bells were replaced with a distinctive plaque put up inside the bell tower.

But inside this very old structure is a wonderful insight into the nuts and bolts of timber buildings. But timber planks and timber pins. Struts and beams. Clad with weather boarding and timber itself. This is the story of early wooden buildings and architecture. How wood shaped our lands, our communities and left us with these architectural gems centuries on. Ringing the bells to the citizens of this part of Herefordshire.

Directions and Map |

Find the village of Pembridge in north-west Herefordshire off the A44 heading westwards from Leominster

Longitude: -2.892708

Latitude: 52.217664

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