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VISIT | Industrial Discovery at the Dark Hill Iron Works in the Forest of Dean | Gloucestershire

The remains of the Dark Hill Iron Works
The remains of the Dark Hill Iron Works

An unexpected remnant of the Forest of Dean's industrial past

A spectacular site of industrial heritage set within the mighty Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire

Wander, explore and learn about the early stories of iron and steel

Use your imagination to see the vastness of this once industrious landscape now beset by trees and the inspiration by a man called David Mushet who dreamed big and thought of industrial innovation

Amidst the forest line, the bones of the old iron works
Amidst the forest line, the bones of the old iron works

"...the industrial innovation that is now being re-taken by the Forest that surrounds it..."

Description |

Surrounded by the woodland amid the treescape of the Forest of Dean in western Gloucestershire lie the ruins of Dark Hill Iron Works.

Park in the car park and venture along the path to explore the last remains of an industrial archaeological gem. There are plenty of opportunities to discover its secrets, information panels to make your own conclusions about what this forgotten place was once.

It encourages all to ask questions. Kids will ask what? Adults will ask why? Some will ask when? And in the quiet of the Forest, you may stand and listen, thinking what was this place was once like. In the coal, the fires, the smoke. But now only the stone remains and the trees that hide its once industrious past.

The Dark Hill Iron Works and the Titanic Steel Works - the roots of the modern production of steel. The work of David Mushet. And then the mysterious end of the work and its disappearance into the trees which are attempting to disappear it into the forest.

Directions and Map |

Find Dark Hill Iron Works near Elwood within the Forest of Dean

Longitude: -2.598309

Latitude: 51.774895

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