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VISIT | Investigate this ancient Yorkshire Spofforth Castle | North Yorkshire

A Castle - a Vertitable Castle!
A Castle - a Vertitable Castle!

A Norman Manor House - Welcome to Percy HQ

Of ancient Norman castle and feudal history at Spofforth

Bring a picnic, bring the kids, bring curiosity and imagination

Discover the remains of manorial Yorkshire and acquaint yourself with the De Percy's seat of power for centuries

Still loads of things to spot amongst the ruins
Still loads of things to spot amongst the ruins

"...the Romantic evocative castle ruins..."

Description |

Spofforth is a delightful distraction not far from the majestic Harrogate, the jewel of north Yorkshire. So if you will venture out into more distant climes, set your sights on Spofforth. For its biggest attraction is something of a surprise once you see it - the remains of its Norman manor house. A castle no less!

Spofforth and its castle have their roots in Domesday and the Norman conquest - when William the Conqueror or shall we shall call him, William Duke of Normandy won a battle or two and became someone presumptious conqueror of this mighty land. William de Percy, a perceived favourite of the now all-powerful William gifted lands to his loyal nobles. And so Spofforth became home to the de Percy clan.

But beyond the history of this interesting place is a rather fabulous area to run around and picnic; or to just stop to wander and to idle away a morning or afternoon. There's parking adjacent to the green and plenty of Norman and Middle Age architecture and archaelogy to make you puzzle, query, question or just take in. There's even the odd interpretation panel by English Heritage whose custodianship this place is under.

So go forth, yon explorers, get yourself to Spofforth castle in north Yorkshire.

Directions and Map |

Find Spofforth Castle north west of Wetherby off the A661 in north Yorkshire

Longitude: -1.452584

Latitude: 53.954999

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