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VISIT | Marvel at the Stone Carvings of Kilpeck Church | Herefordshire

Kilpeck Church in the little rural village it serves
Kilpeck Church in the little rural village it serves

Marvel in shock and awe at the stone carvings of Kilpeck Church

Curious, impressive, amazing - all words to describe this church at Kilpeck in Herefordshire

A one of a kind ancient religious building with an Old Motte and Bailey castle bonus

Take a camera, take a phone, take a sketch pad - these carvings are provocative and eye-catching

The Stone Faces of the Church
The Stone Faces of the Church

"...the stone carvings that are criss-crossed on this church..."

Description |

In this country of ours finding a Norman church is not entirely unsurprising. They are seemingly around every corner, in practically ever village of this land. Blame the Norman Conquest and 1066!

But although the site at Kilpeck church does date back that far, the ancient history of this once busy settlement, offers far more than just a singular Norman church. And to be frank the fact that it is a church matters little to the many visitors and fans of this tiny church in this forgotten corner of western Herefordshire.

For its hordes of fans come to Kilpeck church for the absolutely stupendous and fascinating stone carvings which litter the building. I suspect you can spend hours studying this small marvel and still miss something.

For most, the first and most striking stone work is that of the doorway. That is right, before you even enter the church, you stop mid-step and just gaze at the craft, the skill, the beauty. For this is a place of architectural and historical beauty.

The church is open much of the day for visitors. And those with time to spare can distract themselves by looking into the delightful Herefordshire countryside which surrounds this old gem of a church. Or equally the ruins of the once significant garrison of Kilpeck now lies a little broken and sad - the old Motte and Bailey castle. A symbol of the once significance of this now sleepy village.

The church of St Mary and St David at Kilpeck in rural Herefordshire - a one of a kind. Open to all.

Directions and Map |

Find Kilpeck church on the outskirts of the rural village of Kilpeck in mid-Herefordshire

Longitude: -2.809028

Latitude: 51.970258

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