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VISIT | Once Ninety-Nine Yew Trees of Painswick | Gloucestershire

The Painswick Yew Trees
The Painswick Yew Trees

Discover The One Hundred that were once Ninety Nine

Discover the Yew Trees of Painswick - an intrinsic part of this Cotswold place in Gloucestershire

Investigate the arboreal splendour of these majestically sculpted old trees

A Devil's Warning or a Force for Good? You decide

Follow the path under the Yew Trees
Follow the path under

"...the scuptural beauty of these majestic Yew trees..."

Description |

Yew trees and churchyards. Churchyards and yew trees. It’s a bit different at Painswick. The yews outside the mighty church of St Mary’s Church in Painswick represent more than the churchyard but more the character and imagery of this Cotswold place. They have become synonymous with this Gloucestershire cornerstone.

The sheer number of them. Their coiffed silhouette. Their symmetry. Their alignment through the Lych Gate. Their comforting presence.

As with all intriguing object and sources of interest, there is of course the story of the place. The people of Painswick tell the story that there were once ninety-nine yew trees in the churchyard and should there ever be one more – that if one hundred yew trees were to take root in St Mary’s then the Devil would destroy it.

Now of course when reality met myth and in this particular case, the church was gifted a new yew tree for the millennium, the number of their yew friends did indeed go up to one hundred and it would appear that all are just about still standing.

But a more interesting note is that despite all that – these yew trees are a force for good. Clippings from the yews are taken for use in anti-cancer drugs. Can you even imagine it? Symbols of Painswick helping to fight not the devil but cancer.

So it seems that trees are indeed a force for good.

Directions and Map |

Find the Cotswold village of Painswick off the A46 between Gloucester and Stroud and the church in the middle surrounded by little shops, hotels and accommodation

Longitude: -2.195576

Latitude: 51.785434

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