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The Desert Rats Memorial
The Desert Rats Memorial

A moment's reflection to consider men who left this country to fight for something more than themselves - the Desert Rats

Pop in and see this memorial to an important part of British history

Learn about the role of the Desert Rats in World War Two

Set within the landscape in which they trained in Thetford Forest

Of the 7th Armoured Division
Of the 7th Armoured Division

"...the little tank with all that it evokes of the Tank Regiment and the Second World War..."

Description |

A tank in a forest. A tank in a forest?! At first it does seem a little at odds with Thetford Forest which surrounds it. But once you think about it, it does make absolute sense. A memorial to the Desert Rats. A regiment that was set up in 1938 after the Munich Agreement in Egypt as the Mobile Division; subsequently being renamed the 7th Armoured Division. Their nickname was the Desert Rats - for the Jerboa red flash they wore on their uniform.

The Desert Rats fought most of the North African campaign in World War Two, the Italian campaign before being withdrawn for D-Day and the fight across Europe.

The memorial is a Mark IV Cromwell Tank, a replica of 'Little Audrey' of 5 Able, B Squadron, 1st Royal Tank Regiment which fought at D-Day in northern France.  

And if time allows, follow the Desert Rats Trail which winds its way around the old training camp amongst the woodland...

Directions and Map |

Find the little tank on the edge of the woodland off the A1065 north of Ickborough in Norfolk

Longitude: 0.672333

Latitude: 52.538435

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