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VISIT | Playing Hide and Seek at Haughmond Abbey | Shropshire

Haughmond Abbey
Haughmond Abbey

A Turn Around the Former Augustinian Abbey at Haughmond

Reveal the medieval history of Shrewsbury with a trip to Haughmond Abbey

Take a camera, take kids, take yourself on a walk with this architectural gem set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside

Perfect for a picnic but perfect for a peaceful timeout

"...the magic spaces where kids can imagine freedom in a former religious building..."

Description |

Haughmond Abbey is a stone’s throw from Shrewsbury but sat in beautiful Shropshire countryside. It even sits alongside the long-distance walking path known as the Shropshire Way which meanders past and into the surrounding Abbey Woods. Formerly part of the Sundorne Estate owned by the Corbet family with the adjacent now abandoned Sundorne Castle before being taking into the ownership of English Heritage. Now it is a freely accessible site.

Founded in 1135 as an Augustinian Abbey. Extensive remains of the abbey buildings can be explored including the chapterhouse, the infirmary, the kitchens, the refectory and fascinating ecclesiastic architectural features. But little remains of the Abbey church. The whole site was built out of the stone cliffs and rumour suggests that some of the original Norman stonework was stolen from nearby Roman sites.

It was restored during periods of its later history to suit the Georgian owners of the Sundorne Estate who saw the Abbey as a romantic centrepiece of the wider estate.

But it was Henry VIII who ended the powerhouse of these religious orders – abbeys, monasteries, churches and cathedrals. The period of history known as the Reformation during the 16th century when Henry VIII undertook his battle over the Catholic church for power, influence and money which led to the famed Dissolution of the Monasteries. It meant places like Haughmond Abbey being stripped of wealth and riches, buildings closed down and personnel threatened and imprisoned.

After the Dissolution, the buildings were used as a private residence, for animals and then as part of the larger estate. But for centuries, people have toured the lands of Shropshire for a glimpse of Haughmond Abbey in its delightful rural spot and curious building fragments.

Echoes of religious history now exist like here at Haughmond. But Haughmond Abbey offers something more than spiritual education, more a delightful picnic spot or a perfect place for hide and seek with corners for kids to hide and giggle.

Access is off the B5062 down a short narrow lane with plenty of potholes to a small parking area adjacent to the abbey buildings. For those with access difficulties, there are some uneven surfaces and steps due to the nature of the ancient building.

For more information: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/haughmond-abbey/

Directions and Map |

Find the Haumond Abbey just east of Shrewsbury in Shropshire

Longitude: -2.68034

Latitude: 52.732004

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