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VISIT | Ramble Ravensroost Wood in Wiltshire | Wiltshire

Ravensroost Wood
A Path Less Followed in Ravensroost Wood

A delightful walk through dappled woodland and lazy day meadows where birds, insects and nature abound

A magical corner of the Wiltshire woodland and full of life

A treescape full of bugs, butterflies and birds

Whether on a forest quest with kids or a leisurely amble with friends, relax for an hour or so and breathe...

Open Grassland at Ravensroost
A Breather in the Grassland

"...the unexpected Wiltshire woodland..."

Description |

Woodlands like the one here at Ravensroost Wood are a wonderful reminder of the magic and benefits they offer. Where insects and butterflies buzz and flutter, so too birds.


There is something so timeless about walking through these sections of trees saved for all time. An unmistakable link between modernity and the times of the ancient woodland. For this was once a part of the mighty ancient Forest of Braydon, now much depleted and now saved by those who champion woodland the wildlife that they protect.

Imagine walking through this woodland when once there was more, and think of these places like Ravensroost, as secret kingdoms that offer peace, delight and a chance to merely amble the day away. The adjacent meadows offer a real opportunity to wander a loop in peace and quiet with maybe a dog-walker or the wind for company.

Directions and Map |

Find Ravensroost Woodland as an isolated woodland pocket near the village of Braydown westwards from Swindon

Longitude: -1.966592

Latitude: 51.588195

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