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VISIT | Reflect in the living memory that is Rickerby Park in Carlisle | Cumbria

The Memorial to the men and women of Westmorland from the Great War
The Memorial to the men and women of Westmorland from the Great War

An amble around the parkland, memorial bridge and Cenotaph in Carlisle

Find the heart of Carlisle in this wonderful parkland for walks and meanders

A park that has a deeper soul - a memorial to those of the Great War

Stand and stare at the Cenotaph - a massive symbol of respect and loss - a final farewell

A Gate Over and Beyond
A Gate Over and Beyond

"...the link between people and place - those who left for war to return, some who didn't..."

Description |

Rickerby Park is a wonderful place to go for a stroll, walk the dog, take some air or indeed as many do - crawl in from walking the Hadrian's Wall Path which runs from Wallsend in Newcastle across to the west following the Wall. Those people who do those things, marvel at the river Eden, the trees and just a rather lovely sojourn away from their daily grind.


But Rickerby Park is a memorial. A memorial to those who lost their lives in the Great War - the War To End All Wars which ran from 1914 to 1918. The war killed, wounded and psychologically damaged millions of men; let alone their wives, children, families and all other connected to the war effort.


Carlisle needed a place to remember, a place to convene and pay respect, a place for the survivors to consider and breathe. Rickerby Park is that memorial. A memorial bridge built over the river. A parkland acquired from an old estate. A Cenotaph built as a lasting legacy for men to not be forgotten. This place is a rather special park. A memorial which still lives, is still used and which is still used to remember.

Directions and Map |

Find Rickerby Park on the outskirts of Carlisle walking from town or or one of the cycle access trails

Longitude: -2.927657

Latitude: 54.904115

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