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WALK | Sampling the Herefordshire Trail at Wilton | Herefordshire

The Herefordshire Trail Marker
The Herefordshire Trail Marker

A Step into Herefordshire

Take a walk on the long distance walk known as the Herefordshire Trail in south Herefordshire

This short walk of two or three miles gives you a mere glimpse of rural Herefordshire but accessible from Ross-on-Wye

Do take care near the busy roads

A Giant Redwood Tree on the edge of Bridstow churchyard
A Giant Redwood Tree on the edge of Bridstow churchyard

"...a tiny glimpse of the delight of rural Herefordshire..."

Description |

The Herefordshire Trail runs a marathon walk in terms of energy coursing around the county. It takes in the less frequented, the meltingly beautiful, the historically intriging, the high and lows of sleepier, slower, rural Herefordshire.

But if you fancy a little less than the 154 miles of the whole Herefordshire Trail, take in a small slice as a taster like this forward and back loop to Bridstow in the south of the county.

Begin somewhere down on the River Wye at Ross-on-Wye. It gives you a perfect opportunity to begin slowly. Cross Wilton Bridge taking in the river views, watch over the swans gliding or the Canada geese feeding. Then heading down the steps on the right hand side which lead to the other bank of the river which faces the town and St Mary’s Church on high. Pass through a couple of gates. Here you can study Wilton Castle, now in private hands, before you head to the side of it, over a footbridge and walk uphill towards the dual-carriageway. Here you can walk through past the side of the castle again before heading out past the side of the hotel before turning right towards the roundabout.

Cross the main road at the two pedestrian crossings (please be careful here – traffic is very busy and at speed!) and walk up the lane which runs parallel to the road called Benhall Lane. Follow this lane until you reach the farm at the bottom. Waymarking can be few and far between but as you follow the track towards the farm, take the sign through the kissing gate on the left hand side through fields in the direction on Bridstow Church. You’ll be able to see some fine redwood trees on the edge of the churchyard.

Once you get to the church, take a pause on one of the benches and potter inside. If you’ve had enough, head back the way you came or if time or inclination allows, head out of the church and turn right down past Bridstow Primary School before finding a footpath back into fields on the right hand side where you can find yourself after some time back at the farm and back on the lane towards Wilton again.

Directions and Map |

Find Wilton near the River Wye on the edge of Ross-on-Wye in south Herefordshire

Longitude: -2.597101

Latitude: 51.914788

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