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VISIT | See the iconic red and white striped Lighthouse at Happisburgh | Norfolk

Happisburgh Lighthouse
Happisburgh Lighthouse

A wonderful sight of the red and white striped Happisburgh Lighthouse on the Norfolk coast

An iconic lighthouse set on the east coast of Norfolk

A must-have visit if you're visiting this part of Norfolk

Easy to park and view - right on the beach

More than a bringer of light
More than a bringer of light

"...the red and white stripey-ness - what's not to love?..."

Description |

Happisburgh Lighthouse is an iconic sight. A Lighthouse that looks like someone placed a woolly jumper over it. Its red and white stripes single it out as one of those pieces of architectural styling that you have to visit and see, just to say that you have seen it.

Add on to that that its on the Norfolk coast with a pleasant beach and an engaging village, and you end up with a rather entrancing afternoon in a coastal village.

Directions and Map |

Find the beach and lighthouse at Happisburgh on the east coast of Norfolk on the edge of the village down Beach Road

Longitude: 1.538143

Latitude: 52.822589

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