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VISIT | Seeing Space at Selsley Common | Gloucestershire

An Outlook over the Severn River Valley from the Cotswold Escarpment
An Outlook over the Severn River Valley from the Cotswold Escarpment

A Wander, A Walk, A Ramble, A Thought

Take a wander on this local Stroud common land of Selsley

Staggering beauty and wildlife abound on this Cotswolds escarpment edge

A walk on the Cotswold Way beckons you onwards...

Selsley Common Sights
Selsley Common Sights

"...this common land on the Cotswolds with miles of walks..."

Description |

Selsley Common is a place of common land. A land for all people and for all purposes. Whether to protest or to preach, to wander or to graze your animals. This land has been a common land for all ages. Despite the fact that there have been attempts to enclose it many times over the centuries. Freedom has endured on this space of land high atop the Cotswold escarpment.

This is a place set amongst the high common lands above the Stroud valley. Where once sheep and cattle took ranging opportunities now ramblers and walkers take centre stage. The Cotswold Way, the long-distance walking route passes up and along the beautiful edge of this land – venturing up, up and away from Selsley village where the Cotswold yellow limestone and Georgian architecture accrue.

The Long Barrow reminds us of a time from a previous age. But they are dotted about along this area. A call back to an ancient time. But the glory of this place like in those ancient times are the staggering views.

It is the panorama which ranges below you and across your heart. Down, down into the Severn River Valley and then across to the Forest of Dean and then beyond to the cities which can be peeked beyond the skyline and the landscape to just, well beyond.

This edge. This edge of the Cotswold plateau is a call to arms to explore further, think bigger and take it in. Just take it all in. The cattle still graze this grassy lane. But are intrinsically linked with the ecology and biology of this common land of ours.

I like to think of it in summer when wanderers and believers abound. The speed of whom are no more than an amble. Their eyes bewitched in the blue and yellow wild flowers, the long cats-tail grasses, the butterflies and ground-nesting birds which startle and surprise.

Paths criss-cross this land. Follow any which way and it will take you on a journey. For as locals climb up to find their dose of this pleasant medicine so too others looking to engage with something else, maybe something more.

Look to find a bench. Rooted near the edge. Stay awhile here. Stay in silence. Watch for the sunset or sunrise. Watch for infinite changes in the horizon. But just stay awhile. Let this land wash over you.

Directions and Map |

Find Selsley Common on the hillside above Stroud on the B4066 Selsley-Nympsfield Road

Longitude: -2.248954

Latitude: 51.72269

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