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ACTIVITIES | Stretching Our Legs

At its heart, Discover Hidden Britain is about exploration. It's about new places and spaces. Keep your eyes up and your heart open. We've been keeping close to home in line with the rules of co-vid but it has also allowed us to focus on the place where we live and the joy on our own doorstep. It has been hard but we are grateful for the opportunities that we have. But there is a sense that things may be about to change. So we have begun to stretch our legs and plan for future times.

It has begun on the fields and footpaths around us. The rhythmic footfall; right then left, right then left. I have begun to get the backpacks ready and find the comfy hiking socks. I have re-arranged the Ordnance Survey maps and thought of possibilities once again.

Wilton Bridge is a mainstay of South Herefordshire, one of the parts of the delightful landscape of Ross-on-Wye. Where River Wye meets the sandstone bridge at Wilton, in the shadow of the sandstone cliffs of Ross and the unique delightful horseshoe bend. On Wilton Bridge, a sundial stands through rain and hail, through flood and river surges and on it is written a legend to the magic of this bridge and time... it tells us to "Esteem thy precious time" - a call to seize the day, to make the most of opportunity, to live every day as if it were the last. It made me mindful of these days.

Wilton Bridge can be found here for those of interest and for those who are not - this merely is a reminder to take a moment to stretch your legs again, to shake lose the stiffness of the last year and to come out from the hibernation, enforced as it was, to see the world again, piece by glorious piece.