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VISIT | Take a seat alongside the iconic Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army fame | Norfolk

Captain Mainwaring of 'Dad's Army' Fame
Captain Mainwaring of 'Dad's Army' Fame

A jovial statue of a Dad's Army legend down by the riverside in Thetford

A statue of an iconic TV character in Norfolk

A calm oasis by the River Thet in Thetford, near where Dad's Army was filmed on Thetford Chase

Perfect for photo opportunities - grab a selfie sitting next to this life-size figure from comedy legend

Face to face with a TV icon
Face to face with a TV icon

"...the statue of an iconic TV hero..."

Description |

He seems entirely in keeping with the environment. Sitting, straight back, as time marches on around him. But the statue of Arthur Lowe, the actor who played Captain Mainwaring in the cult TV series Dad's Army represents a time gone by.

The exterior shots of the series took place in and around Thetford Forest; where comedy and nature collided. Based around the exploits of a platoon of Home Guard, the old soldiers protecting Britain during World War Two on the Home Front, the actors used to stay in a hotel on the riverside since replaced. But the legacy of the man, the cultural links and the connection with this Norfolk town still exists.

Directions and Map |

Find Captain Mainwaring by the River Thet in Thetford, Norfolk off Bridge Street. Lots of parking nearby.

Longitude: 0.745849

Latitude: 52.413718

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