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WALK | Take A Walk on the Shropshire Way at Ebury Hill | Shropshire

The Shropshire Way at Ebury Hill
The Shropshire Way at Ebury Hill

From Ebury Hill to Haughmond Abbey on the Shropshire Way

Take a meander on the long distance walk on the Shropshire Way starting from Ebury Hill

Follow the couple of miles gentle wandering through the green lane and through woodland to find Haughmond Abbey

Discover Haughmond Abbey's rich history and picturesque backdrop with its religious architecture

The Shropshire Way Overlooking the Countryside
The Shropshire Way Overlooking the Countryside

"...the green lane is a peaceful outlook on the Shropshire countryside with outstanding views..."

Description |

This section of the Shropshire Way was an easy hop and a skip whilst staying at the Ebury Hill Camping and Caravanning Club Site. The Shropshire Way is a long-distance walking path which takes a meander around the county of Shropshire. It takes in the towns, space and places of Shropshire, uphill and down.

This section is part of a larger stretch of walking from Haughmond Abbey to Wem in the north of the county which is 11 ½ miles in length. But as part of the northern stretch the path becomes flatter field walking and rural countryside.

This walk is a gentle couple of miles through a gorgeous green lane between sheep-laden fields which in Spring was alive with the sights and sounds of bouncing lambs.

There is some lovely woodland and a back and forth from the minor road but the destination makes it all worthwhile. The pretty Haughmond Abbey was once an Augustinian Abbey dominating the landscape around medieval Shrewsbury but when Henry VIII broke from the Catholic Church and took power from the religious orders – the Dissolution of the Monasteries brought an end to their power, money and position in England.

In more recent years, the Abbey became a centrepiece of a large estate; a romantic ruin in the surroundings of the Abbey woodlands and the Shropshire countryside. These days, many choose to bring a picnic or take time out of their busy lives at the Abbey which is free to enter and roam.

Follow your way back or follow the route into Shrewsbury or onwards to Haughmond Hill and beyond.

Directions and Map |

Find the Shropshire Way running around the wiles of Shropshire with this section running from the campsite at Ebury Hill to Haughmond Abbey just east of Shrewsbury in Shropshire

Longitude: -2.680555

Latitude: 52.732036

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