We’ve been feeling very grateful over the past few months. Grateful for where we find ourselves. Grateful for people that have done wonderful and brave things. Grateful for the freedoms that are returning. Maybe it’s the natural result of living through the last year. Maybe you’ve been feeling this way?

But it is why, a few days, we found ourselves standing in a field at about six in the evening. A random stop and a random wander down an ancient tree-lined trackway leading to a field. It sounds mundane doesn’t it? We were just standing in a field. But then we realised something. That there was one heck of a view.

The definition of a view is an area or place that can be seen. But in the case of this view and many, many others you have to put yourself in a position to be able to see that view; for our view to be able to be seen we needed to be in that field otherwise it would never have been seen.

Just taking a walk down a path, across a stile, through a gate may mean discovering something you never knew was there.

And why are views so special? Well for me it's like food for the soul. It's a reminder of your place in the world, that you feel in the world and that even after periods of darkness and difficulties that the world says to you, you know this place is pretty great.

Take a look at our view, the one we were allowed to share for a few minutes, that will be there for others... and maybe think about your next unseen view. What might be hiding behind a hedge or down a path near you?

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