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ACTIVITIES | The Start of Spring

Celandine flowers
Celandine in action

When the sun begins to peak through those swirling grey clouds. When the daffodils which mass on village lanes and front doorstep pots bounce their trumpets from side to side. When the celandine begin to cover woodland corners and hedgerows. These are the days of Spring.

Whether you're one of our wonderful members of Discover Hidden Britain or an accidental virtual wanderer, this piece of writing is perhaps the beginning of another journey. We want to show how DHB is just that - a personal journey of discovery. It can mean outdoor adventure to some, personal reflection for another, a growing relationship of another type or perhaps a sharing of time in a place of space. But we'll also share our journey from country lane to blossom, from curious discovery to spectacular breath-taking view.

As always we continue to grow Discover Hidden Britain with its range and diversity; and this will continue as lockdown and limitations are lifted. We've added different aspects of Discover Hidden Britain and ways for people to engage with the outside world in Britain.

A couple of days ago we went for a wander in a local village under cover of the shade of the trees, a mass of dainty celandines were scattered in quiet satisfaction. A handy bench nearby meant that whilst the world went on around us, we sat and watched these golden flowers in our own quiet satisfaction. Whilst the birds sang in springtime glory, we listened to their song. The trees of oak and beech still bare from their winter slumbers still to begin their triumphant return to majestic leaf.

It can be as simple as that. I was reminded of the simplicity of when I first started to walk. The days of just walking. No goal to achieve, no set mileages, no route to accomplish. Just the spirit of walking. The freedom. The slow way some people call it. Eyes wide open to movement and natural beauty or shape. Ears alive to rustling, scratching and melody. Walking to simply enjoy the motion, the movement of walking. It is a rare thing. Conversation if it comes or not. Engaging with the path as it rolls towards you. This is nature's delight. And this is what the essence of Discover Hidden Britain began as - a process of walking to explore. No preconceptions, no demands, no time limits. Just the process. A process to trust.

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