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WALK | Traipsing the Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean | Gloucestershire

The Stained Glass Window of the Forest
The Stained Glass Window of the Forest

Stimulate brain and body in the heart of the Forest of Dean

An unusual and intriguing walk in the heart of the Forest of Dean

A trail walk of a decent distance full of woodlands delights and art

Stay for an hour, stay for three - there's shortcuts and trails for all, young and old, athlete or ponderer

The Railway Tracks Near the White Gates
The Railway Tracks Near the White Gates

"...the trail set amongst the forest peace with artistic reflections that disappear amongst the trees..."

Description |

The Sculpture Trail is set within the heart of the Forest of Dean. A unique arboreal adventure. A unique woodland environment in western Gloucestershire, adjacent to the Wye Valley.

The trail itself is somewhere between three and four miles in length and zig-zags its way around the Forest whilst bumping into the occasional sculpture. Its been around for nigh on twenty years and over the time some sculptures have come and gone but some still remain, and some are new.

The giant acorns hidden above the pool of water which in heavy rain flows across the track. The stained glass window which hangs tall in perfect stillness high up in the trees. The remnants of the railway tracks which encourage young and old to skip over them. The stones and signs hidden in the leaf litter and the trees canopies.

Who can not be slightly amused and attracted to this slice of wandering and art? Don’t go me wrong there are some strange sections, some faintly quite odd sculptures but when you come across the concrete mirage of the rock face in silver, you do pose questions?

Simply the Sculpture Trail offers a decent length walk that can wile away an hour or three depending on speed and company. And also depending on how long you take to investigate and critique the art? But distractions aside it is an attractive forest walk on trails and paths for all ages and abilities to engage with something.

For young kids, there are other amusements available on route – you can’t fail to miss the long-limbed branches made into dens in the woodland. But the wonder is in the outside – the fresh air, the mud, the acorns, the beech cobs, the birds and deer…

So whilst the adults, the grandparents slowly amble along the trails, youngsters may trample through the muddy channels and the undergrowth which runs parallel.

Be careful when you come across the cycle path but it simply reminds you of other things to be done in this unusual forested area.

Take a pack, take a snack and take some pictures – its not all about the sculptures – for its in the surroundings that the real paintings are made, and it is in our interactions with this walk that the art is truly made.

Directions and Map |

Find the Sculpture Trail in the middle of the Forest of Dean in west Gloucestershire with a start from Beechenhurst Lodge

Longitude: -2.560648

Latitude: 51.805508

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