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VISIT | Walking Amongst the Footsteps of Giants at the Cerne Abbas Giant | Dorset

A Giant on a Hillside of course
A Giant on a Hillside of course

Discover the Chalk Figure of a Giant

An iconic chalk outline of a prehistoric giant in rural Dorset

Step foot up on to Giant's Hill

Take a seat and peruse the giant from distance

From the viewpoint below
From the viewpoint below

"...the giant figure on the Dorset hillside..."

Description |

It is more commonly known simply as the Giant. In technical terms it is massive Ithyphallic figure cut into the turf and outlined in chalk on the high bank of the Giant’s Hill in the little Dorset village of Cerne Abbas.

This particular giant is one of a number of giants and white horses scattered in parts across the country. For the most part they are a throwback to an ancient age, from prehistory when reverent symbolism went further than art and design, and more ritual and sacrifice.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is 180 feet high. He brandishes a club that is in itself 120 feet long.

Various theories about the Giant abound from history and the present. But the most prominent appears to be that he is a figure of the Saxon God Heil dating from perhaps the Iron Age. The naked figure links it to an ancient fertility ritual.

There is an enclosure above it with a mound which used to hold the Cerne Maypole but probably had older associations with the figure itself.

Visitors can ascend up to the hill to take the chalk outline figure in more close attention. But for an easier and clearer view of this interesting and fascinating piece of ancient art and culture, head for the viewing area where possibilities for photographs are endless.

Directions and Map |

Find the little village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset located off the A352 north of Dorchester

Longitude: -2.480593

Latitude: 50.813033

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