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WALK | Walking the Beechenhurst Trail in the Forest | Gloucestershire

Views across the Forest of Dean on the Beechenhurst Trail
Views across the Forest of Dean on the Beechenhurst Trail

A Challenging Walk of Eight Miles in the Dean

Come prepared for an eight mile challenging walk through the Forest of Dean

A wander through woodland and industrial history where once quarrying and mining ruled supreme and now their legacies remain

Treescapes, viewpoints, twists and turns

On the trail in the Forest
On the trail in the Forest

"...A deep dive into this woodland wonderland of the Forest of Dean to get lost for a while or so..."

Description |

Forests we know are all about the trees. The trees that give life to the delicate ecosystems which exist in their circles. The beetles. The bugs. The orchestral songbook of the woodland birds. The sneaking mammals. The Forest of Dean is all of that but with an added twist – a side order of industrial history.

This walk – the Beechenhurst Trail – is a sample menu of the industrial Forest of Dean. This walk takes you through each course layer by layer – trees young and old, from canopy to root, the legacy of mining and quarrying, the bedrock of the geology – stone, metal, coal as well as of course, the wildlife.

The Beechenhurst Trail is considered a challenging eight mile walk – it is way-marked with its special signs but signage can become tricky amongst the trees, the rise and fall – so do bring a map (Ordnance Survey OL14 Wye Valley and Forest of Dean). It can be muddy so come prepared, take appropriate supplies and kit with you. This is not a walk to be rushed – take your time, take the day.

That said there is some outstanding viewpoints that appear before your eyes as you come out on to clearings across the forest. And then of course, there’s the intriguing game of spot the industrial clues – with bits of archaeology and landscape features littered across this walk of gravel paths, tracks and muddy puddles.

Access Points on to the trail can be found at the Forestry Commission centre at Beechenhurst in the middle of the Forest of Dean which is a popular spot for all things Forest, Cannop Ponds or indeed the Cyril Hart Arboretum.

For more information| https://www.forestryengland.uk/beechenhurst/ramblers-beechenhurst-trail

Directions and Map |

Find parking at Beechenhurst in the middle of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire

Longitude: -2.561463

Latitude: 51.805917

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