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VISIT | Watch From the Wonder of Whitcliffe Common | Shropshire

A Seat Overlooking Ludlow from Whitcliffe Common
A Seat Overlooking Ludlow from Whitcliffe Common

A Place to See Ludlow In All Of Its Finery

An astonishing outlook above the market town of Ludlow with historic connections to its common land

Beautiful walks and trails drop down or climb up from the River Teme below and the town of Ludlow itself

Woodland, riverside and castle views. Take a minute to take it all in.

From the coast on the headland
From the coast on the headland

"...The beautiful outlook over the town of Ludlow with an expanse of walking options..."

Description |

Common land usually has a wonderful social history to them. An area of land given, donated, lived on, grazed on, and wandered by the people of that part of the world. All is wonderful. All is good. Well apart from the odd goat or sheep who happened to wander into some one’s garden but that’s just neighbour stuff…

Whitcliffe Common sits just up on a high plateau above the River Teme and above the town of Ludlow. A gorgeous outlook on the castle and the town in all of its wonder and history. Like many of its cousins, it was gifted – probably by some local like Joshua of Ludford or as I heard tell the Bishop of Gloucester – and the locals looked on it with love and energy. They grazed. They walked. They wandered. Well, until the early 19th century when word appeared that an Act of Parliament had sold their common land out from under them to pay for lighting the town…

They protested their life, their liberty, their exercise… Well whatever next happened, Whitcliffe Common still sits protected and managed by the locals who love it.

The joy of Whitcliffe Common is that it offers boundless wanders for those who can including a walk up from town, over the bridge and along the River Teme. Along the Bread Walk as the locals of Ludlow call it. The Donkey Steps. The handy toposcope at the top and of course those gorgeous town views with the woodland sitting as curtains to the whole thing.

This place is a joyful place to come and disappear, maybe learn a bit about Ludlow and gorge on the outlook rain or shine.

Directions and Map |

Find Whitcliffe Common on the high ground above the river on the southside of Ludlow off the B4361

Longitude: -2.727681

Latitude: 52.364446

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