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VISIT | Watching the Water at Jubilee Bridge | Worcestershire

The Views From Fladbury Bridge
The Views From Fladbury Bridge

The Cantilever Bridge Crossing the River Avon near Fladbury

Discover the joy of the River Avon at Fladbury in Worcestershire

Stop and sit, watch and dream as the waters of the river pass by

Take a walk on one of the riverside ambles before taking in the Jubilee Bridge in all of its steel glory

The iconic old AA Box
The iconic old AA Box

"... the quiet reverence of the River Avon and the ambiance of a restful time..."

Description |

People talk of rare moments of time and place. Moments that endure and last long in the memory. That take a place in people’s subconscious because of a rare combination of the atmosphere, the air, the light, the sights and sounds, as well as the emotions that emerge because of it.

Imagine a double-span bridge quiet with traffic. A sleepy Saturday evening cool in temperature but warm in sunlight. Imagine the mayflies dancing in jubilant triumphalism. Imagine a robin buzzing from tree branch to post, from post to branch. The blackbirds chorusing in competition. Imagine the river drifting in tranquil movement, gliding past across smooth pebble and golden gravel. Imagine scanning the riverbanks to remark upon the debris from this winter’s flooding – the thickets of broken branches, the muddy water tide. Imagine leaning on the bridge and watching as the river flows. Imagine the reflections of the light on the water, of the shadows, the empty pontoons where boats have moored before in some past life. Imagine an echo of the lives that once were here. And imagine all this whilst someone you care about stands next to you. Leaning and watching. Leaning and listening. If a single moment could inspire another – this would be it. Leaning on Jubilee Bridge as the River Avon slips by near Fladbury in Worcestershire.

Jubilee Bridge near the village of Fladbury sits on the River Avon. This is the quiet Avon of Worcestershire where the river floats by in quiet obscurity until the rains come in Winter and Spring when the river rises and floods over its plains. Fladbury is a pretty village, one of those places with a quaint combination of historic buildings like its mill, a smattering of black and white half-timbered nostalgia and a village high street of interest and curiosity. John Singer Sargent painted such a feeling when he visited here in the late 19th century.

The river peeks out from one side of it like a trailing ribbon. But its comfort lies in the green spaces – those river plains which nestle close by the Avon. The pedestrian gates invite those with a mind to wander with parasol or not and gaze at the confines of Fladbury where gardens and buildings align. There are places to walk on both riversides. Places to sit and repose. Places to take a time and a care.

But the bridge is the heart of this space. Jubilee Bridge so named not for the current bridge built in 1932 and opened in 1933. Famed for the new method of pile-driving employed for the purposes of setting the new cantilever bridge into the river. But the original Jubilee Bridge was built by a local Pershore company of Humphries and Co. at Atlas Works and paid for by local subscription in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee – fifty years of reign. A wrought iron bridge of a mere width of fourteen feet which over time and modern traffic became dangerous. The existing bridge was built in situ next to the old one before being removed in parts after the new one was opened by Colonel Milward with a cutting of the ribbon and a memorial tablet inscribed “Fladbury Bridge. Erected by the Worcestershire County Council 1933” which still remains. The original site of this bridge was once an ancient ford and where before bridges came, a local man ferried villagers back and forth in a shallow bottomed boat.

When Colonel Milward opened this bridge in 1933, he dedicated it to the locals for many years of public service and hopeful of its sustainability. A bridge to last the ages and connect Cropthorne to Fladbury, Fladbury to Cropthorne and Charlton and for all those who ever crossed a bridge just to watch the waters of the River Avon go by.

Directions and Map |

Find the village of Fladbury between Evesham and Pershore and the bridge connects the village across the way over the River Avon

Longitude: -2.000172

Latitude: 52.108712

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