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VISIT | Where Dragons Soar at Mordiford Bridge and Rivers Converge | Herefordshire

Mordiford Bridge
Mordiford Bridge

A Bridge Connecting Communities of South Herefordshire

Wander along the banks of the River Lugg at this medieval crossing point

Feel out the myth of the green dragon at the village of Mordiford

Follow the tracks of the Wye Valley Walk as it steps its way onwards and back

The Rivers Converge at Mordiford
The Rivers Converge at Mordiford

"...the magic of the legend and the magic of the water at this old bridge..."

Description |

There was once a large green dragon painted on the rear of the church at Mordiford. A Wyvern if you know your dragons. Once perhaps of Marcle Ridge or the soaring woodland at Haugh Woods above Mordiford and Fownhope villages. The legend goes back in time. And most commonly talks of a little girl called Maud who befriended the dragon until it was killed by a convict who himself was killed in the process. As with all good stories, the legend has changed over the years but that’s what makes a good story. And some say even then that owing to links to Arthurian legend that Mordiford was so called for Mordred not Maud.

The dragon may be gone but the location facing the undeniably medieval quirky bridge remains at this most symbolic of locations. A bridge which passes over the River Lugg before the confluence where Lugg and Wye meet across the fields nearby. The myth also goes that the bridge at Mordiford was once named the Bridge of the Golden Spurs; a harkening back to the idea that the local noble family of the Herefords would gift the King should he ever cross this bridge with a pair of golden spurs. Another good story, is it not?

Many a local stop to perambulate on the banks above the Lugg, to peruse up onto the hillside to see the majestic, wooded hillsides that remind some of Scottish glens, to gaze on up to the big house just outside the village, to conquer ever forward on the route of the Wye Valley Walk which swings past this point ever onwards. But this place is about a connection of water – and a bridge which in past times taxed the travellers wishing to venture onwards.

So next time, time takes you past this old, old bridge of Mordiford, see if you can spot the place where the green dragon came to drink at the water’s edge and met his fate.

Directions and Map |

Find the village of Mordiford on the road east out of Hereford

Longitude: -2.630144

Latitude: 52.034295

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