The Benefits of Outside-ness

The Ultimate in Flying Free


Setting off on an experience such as one of those such as on Discover Hidden Britain is an opportunity for adventure. And it only comes from a personal decision that you have made. When you start, when you stop; when you pause for a snack, when you perch on a bench. Whether you ponder in quiet contemplation or you whither on in keen curiosity – you decide. You are under your own steam. It also means that you decide how much energy you instil in these adventures; believe me there is something glorious in physical fatigue particularly when you decide when to stop and go. If you feel your feet ache, or when your back complains gently in healthy disquiet, or when you wonder how you’ll get the mud from your trousers – these are the natural consequences of getting outside. So stick on a pack – and get outside! Under your own steam!


Consider this – nature as medicine. Getting outside away from comfortable normality earns yourself a wonderful outlook – the feeling of being alive. A plethora of positive feelings of making positive decisions, getting out in the elements, in breezy sunshine or rainy mist. It calms the mind. Your life becomes very simple. As simple as putting one foot in front of another. As simple as just focusing on what is in front of you. Eyes up. Look at what is coming at you. So whether its wild flowers catching you unawares or a startled deer, the stars in the sky or archaeology you just never knew was there – its all good. Good for the mind. Good for the soul. And why you’re steadying yourself in the outside, it means that you’re readying yourself to face whatever awaits you back in the world. But for now – it’s simple – eyes up people! 


There is so much good stuff to be had from being in the outside. The sense of freedom, the vigorous heart-beating effort, trying and seeing places and things that you’ve never seen before. Being in a different environment, so many different landscapes – from viewpoints to forests, from valleys to villages. It challenges people physically and mentally, it removes every disguised feeling and replaces it with a desire to do more, be more. And that its possible. This stuff, this outside-ness is the difference so many people need. It’s a great leveller. A place where what you wear, how you talk, what you earn – means nothing. And it’s fun. All you need is a smile. And that sense of trying. You lose nothing by trying what’s outside – just the chance of goodness. The good stuff that could make a difference. That could give you the strength to try other things.


Getting outside gives you mental clarity. It gives a you a chance to sharpen your focus, vent your feelings, give you some thinking space – all whilst you work out what to do. Standing next to the giants of the forest, the silent figures of the woodland – the trees are a reminder that you are just an individual and that the world is so big. And that is enough for many to remember that you are just one small person in that big old world. Its also a chance to be in the world, rather than just exist. For when you’re half way up a mountain or staring down a hole, when you’re placing one foot in front of another, or reflecting on the life of another individual – its all a chance to think beyond yourself. So if you’re struggling with decisions or you’re looking for inspiration, get outside. Outside-ness can give you the answers, even if you think you never knew them or that you never needed them. Do yourself a favour, Discover Hidden Britain!